Combining a number of ideas into a coherent whole.

SynThesis LLC helps clients generate top line revenue by creating value through sales and marketing alignment and strategies.

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Creating Success through Sales & Marketing Alignment

Susan Rylance, Founder of SynThesis LLC, has created and led award-winning sales and marketing teams. Rylance is a business leader known for providing creative solutions to complex business challenges to better position the company for success. She has helped small and mid-sized companies align their brand messaging based on the value they bring to clients. 


Understanding and identifying the target market and their value drivers is key to a companies growth strategy. We meet with company leadership, sales and marketing teams to help generate more leads and sales into the sales funnel. The foundation of doing this is understanding your companies brand and/or perceived brand. We do this by starting with understanding your ideal customer within your target market, we then assess what is unique to you and your organization.


Once we have alignment and full understanding of your company and brand we work with you to put together your value proposition and then create a fully integrated strategic sales &marketing program that works for your business. We think of it as a marathon, not a sprint and in collaboration will put together a well thought out program and timeline.


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Sales and marketing have a common goal to generate top line revenue. When sales and marketing are collaborating and sharing ideas your clients win as they will understand the value you bring to their organization.

We take care in understanding your business, your clients and your overall business objectives.  We invest time by collaborating, researching and gathering data to ensure we are providing a solution that meets your business goals.


Marketings role is to generate interest through the company brand through Demand Generation and turn interest into a buyer through a Lead Generation and Nurturing program which includes a multitude of channels such as; email, blog, website, social media, events and SEO.

We create a marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives all while collaborating with leadership and sales.  Some of the strategies include the following:

Ideal Customer & Buyer Identification

Differentiated Position

Go-To-Market Strategy

Competitive Intelligence

Demand & Lead Generation Roadmap

Messaging is key within the strategy and helps guide the potential buyer why they should purchase from you and not the competition.  We work with you to ensure your messaging resonates and shows value to the multitude of buyers within an organization. 


Driving efficiency in your sales process and creating a methodology that meets your unique business needs.  We first seek to understand and then create a solution that will show value to your customers, therefor creating an increase in top line revenue while keeping an eye on the bottom line. 

A sales process is the foundation of how you get your products or services in the hands of your customers. Within the process, is the method in which you sell your services to your clients.  Believe it or not, marketing should be involved in each of these steps in order to help articulate your Value Differentiator in collaboration with your sales team. 

Seven Step Sales Process and Tools

We assist in guiding and coaching the sales team to increase sales pipeline by establishing a process and methodology that shows proven results. Within the process is the sales methodology or the approach in which you move from one phase of the process to the next.   A sales methodology is the “how” of selling.  It takes goals and puts them into action by asking the right questions at the right stage within the process.


Working with a recruiting partner who has sat in your seat, understands how critical it is to have the right technical skills, coupled with the right aptitude and work style.  

Having helped build internal marketing teams for manufacturing, lifestyle and retail industries allows us to find the unique person that will help you achieve your end goal.  We understand that it's not about hiring a person, it's about getting work done and having fun doing it. That's why we invest the time to understand your company and departmental culture and team dynamics.  Simply matching skills to a resume won't do the trick alone.

Ready to investigate further, contact us to learn how we can help you achieve you goals.



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