Customer Experience starts with Your Brand Promise

The customer experience starts as soon as there is any interaction with a company’s brand – when they see it, feel it, touch it…as well as at the point of having a conversation, regardless of channel:  phone, chat, email, web or social media. Your customers are investigating - and ultimately deciding – whether to buy your product/service over the competition.   But, there is a very important question that a company must ask itself:  Once the customer purchases your product, will they get the same level of customer experience they received when they were deciding to purchase your product over the competition…and is that experience curated, consistent and cohesive? 

I have a terrific personal example of the phases in the lifecycle of the customer experience!  My daughter ordered a movie via Amazon streaming video.  She experienced a poor video playback…and it was annoying, but we didn’t call Amazon to complain.  To my surprise, a few days later I received this email from Amazon:  “Hello, we noticed that you recently experienced poor video playback on Amazon Video. Were sorry for the inconvenience, and have issued you a refund for the following rentals and amounts….”  Now, align that with Amazon’s value statement: “Customer Obesession” – they have truly curated their customer’s experience from beginning to end and beyond,that is what the customer experience is all about!

Things to think about when curating your brand’s customer experience:

  • Talk to  your customers:  If you don’t know what they think of you and your brand, you may be running in circles and putting practices in place that don’t align with your brand or at least your perceived brand, let along your customer’s expectations.  

  • Perception is reality:  If your customers perceive you differently than what you expected, your values and vision may be miss-aligned or haven’t been fully communicated at every level within your organization.

 Curate the journey:  Once you understand your brand, you can then create a plan to continuously improve the customer experience from the initial interaction throughout the customer’s journey with your company. In that plan, don’t forget about proactively servicing your customers and what that means for your brand.

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