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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The Marketers Community event was held last night at Impact Hub and what an impact the speakers had on the multitude of attendees!

What a great event that was hosted by Laura King, she brought a great panel of women leaders together and filled the room with amazing women and men to network, learn and support each other. It was so exciting to see some amazing marketing leaders I haven’t seen for years as well as meet some new folks while enjoying wine and great conversations.

The topic of the night was “Let’s Get REAL with Women Who Lead and we were blessed to hear from an amazing panel of women leaders: Margaret Murphy, Jill Renslow, Meredith Jurek and Angie Andersen.

Some of my favorite tips from the panel in how to navigate leadership in a marketing world.

What makes someone successful in marketing?

~“Have curiosity to keep asking questions to better understand human behavior and why people think or act the way they do”.

What is the biggest obstacle?

~“Being heard internally and externally, there is so much noise going on that you have to ensure you’re prepared and very articulate”.

~“Give yourself permission to not know everything, it’s ok to rely on others for their knowledge. You’ve hired a good team, make sure to utilize them and their expertise”.

Best Advice for those moving into a Leadership role?

~“Leadership is an art and management is a job”.

~“Your job is a leader is to inspire people and get them motivated and excited and there is a vulnerability in this as a leader”.

~”Push yourself, failure is tough when you’re a perfectionist, but it’s a part of growing.”

I'm a big supporter of networking and learning, if you haven't had the time to get out and meet your peers lately, make sure to take that time because it's invaluable from a knowledge, networking and support system perspective!

Knowledge is power, pass it on!!


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