Collaboration Creates Brand Integrity

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Throughout my career I have had the fortune or working with amazing sales and marketing teams, however they weren’t always in sync. When they aren’t collaborating or don’t understand each others roles, here is what happens, making everyone feel like they want to scream!

  • Sales people create their own marketing material because the marketing team doesn’t have time to create a 1-pager for the event coming up tomorrow.

  • Marketing has put time and effort into creating a new campaign to find the sales team isn’t using it.

  • Sales people aren’t making the calls to get people to the event that marketing has created.

  • Marketing doesn’t understand the pressure I am under to hit my sales number and they aren’t providing me with the materials for all of my day to day interactions.

  • Sales people aren’t utilizing brand messaging we created and they are creating brand confusion.

  • Why isn’t marketing bringing in more leads for the sales team, I shouldn’t have to do their job and mine!

These scenarios are too familiar for many organizations, yet it can be easily avoided by creating collaboration among sales, marketing and leadership. When one department feels they are superior to the other, this can create misalignment. The goal for sales and marketing is to generate top line revenue and since both teams have the same overall goal, wouldn’t it make more sense to collaborate and throw egos aside?

Not sure how to start collaborating, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Meet to understand both of the team goals and initiatives in order to create a strategy that will create value and results.

2. Set up regular stakeholder meetings to:

a. Show progress towards the strategy

b. Share customer success stories

c. Identify your value differentiators

d. Collaborate on events you should host/attend/sponsor

e. Share anything new that may be a roadblock in achieving the current strategy

f. Iterate and be willing to change directions based on the shared feedback

3. Schedule a workshop to refine your target market and identify your Ideal Client

4. Hold quarterly review sessions with leadership on the progress and changes happening in the business.

People want to be heard and feel valued, if you collaborate and listen to each other, you will organically create better brand integrity.

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