Will this "Gigger" help me increase revenue?

It’s a new year and you’re feeling refreshed after the holidays and this is the year to exceed your revenue goals! And then one of your team members comes to you and they’ve decided to start the new year off with a new job, leaving you stressed and challenged with hitting your goals.

This is a common story and it isn’t going away, so how do you combat the situation you’re in? Well you can take the traditional route you’ve always taken, post an advertisement for a job and then work through the hiring process. This can take time, loss of productivity and a potential loss of revenue.

You have a few options and one of those is to hire a “Gigger”. This is someone who is an independent consultant providing their experience and knowledge to companies to help them achieve their business goals in a variety of ways including; project, interim or on fractional basis.

A misnomer is that a contractor is someone who couldn’t find a full time job, so they decided to freelance for a living. That is one of the biggest misnomers in the Gig Economy! I have collaborated and worked with many of these folks and they have been very successful professionals that chose to go out on their own for a variety of reasons.

If you’re not sure whether a Gigger would work for you and your company, it’s a good idea to explore the current and future business needs. You may need someone to come in to help set up strategy and process while you’re looking for someone on a full time basis that can execute. A seasoned consultant is perfect for this as they can help strategize, assist in execution as well as help you identify the right skills needed for the long term role within your organization.

Another benefit of a Gigger is they bring a lot of outside knowledge, ideas and perspectives that have been successful with other organizations.

There are a multitude of skills in the gig economy including the following skills:

· Marketing

· Sales

· Creative

· Financial

· Operations

· Media

· Information Technology

You may need to think different in order to achieve your goals. Start by having a conversation with a Gigger to see if this option is right for you.


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